If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience. Here are some Testimonials from other Valley Dental patients:

Just to say thank you.
Two weeks ago I went to a place that was sent to me by my insurance to have my teeth cleaned and X-rayed for the year.
I have never been so upset and disappointed in all my life by a place of business as I was at this dental place. To begin with, the girls at the reception desk were all chewing gum and had no respect for the client at all. Then you are sent to a cubbie hole and given the (bums) rush to have your teeth cleaned for a total of 3 minutes and then polished for 30 seconds. This was so so upsetting for me.
Two days after the unpleasant experience I received an advertisement to have a second opinion if you like by a place called VALLEY DENTAL.
I went ahead and called they got me in right away.
One of the most pleasant experiences of my life, when I approached the reception desk a very pleasant young man greeted me with a beautiful smile and a wonderful manner asked me to fill out some papers. Then I was directed to a room by a young lady, again with the most wonderful manner. The room was spotless and a chair was so comfortable you could sleep in it, and there was music or TV if you wished to watch. The young lady asked if you would like anything to drink, such as water etc. Then I was told the doctor would be in soon.
After a few minutes this beautiful young woman who is the dentist like an angel with a great smile and gorgeous eyes comes in. I cannot tell you how pleasant she was. She explained everything about my teeth and gave the choices I could have my teeth taken care of.
This beautiful and kind dentist named Dr. TANNAZ could not have made my visit more pleasant. Unlike the other dental experience that was ASSEMBLY LINE dentistry LEFT ME WITH THE GREATEST TASTE IN MY MOUTH.  Again thank you for the great experience.
J. Joseph 11/26/13
"Valley Dental is the best dentist office I have ever been to! The staff and doctor are the sweetest! My daughter is there almost every month cuz she just loves the place that much!"
M. Cheema 9/4/14
"Dr. Tannaz Ahmadi, DDS and staff Francisco & Victoria are superb and very kind. My husband decided to come to this office because they saved my husband over $4000 from what his prior dentist had quoted him. That's great.... I hope this office grows and is blessed as they bless me each time I see them"
C. Souza 9/8/14

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